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Join the 2024 Holiday Card Fundraiser


To participate, simply:

1) Create holiday-themed artwork.

2) (Optional) Choose and share an "artist portrait" (picture of your child) to be used on the card and shared by FairPlay. 

3) (Optional) Write a short, <100-word biography about the artist to be displayed on the card and shared by FairPlay.

4) Submit a scanned copy or high-quality photo of your child's artwork and (optionally) artist information and image via our form below. 

Need some ideas? View example artwork here and example biographies on our artist alumni page. Please ensure artwork can be resized to fit a 4x6 card. Thank you for your support! 

Our holiday card fundraiser is an exciting opportunity for children and families to support FairPlay. 


Join FairPlay's 2024 Holiday Card Fundraiser!
Submit your child's artwork and (optional) portrait and biography below. The additional fields are from our Release Form for Written Work, Images and Artwork and must be completed to participate. Thank you!
Upload Artwork
(Optional) Upload Artist Portrait
I am granting FairPlay permission to use the written work(s), image(s), and/or artwork(s) attached with this release form in this and future editions of the following project(s) and platform(s):

Thank you for joining our 2024 Holiday Card Fundraiser!

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