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Meet Super Spiro and his CVI Mom. At 5 years old Spiro is a VNS and Corpus Callosotomy Survivor. He attends Vision School and is a CVI Leader. Spiro's family Advocates for LGS, Infantile Spasms and CVI. Spiro has started raising Awareness in CVI Play for LGS and for all other Epilepsy Heroes by selling Switch Adapted Toys. Spiro loves adaptive toys and wants to make sure more children have access to CVI Play. Spiro loves dot art with Easyhold support, the beach, disney movies, and all pool activities. His best friend is his Pappou Kosta (Grandfather). Spiro loves the Holidays and everything to do with lights! He has the sweetest smile and shines his spirit with everyone he meets. Spiro loves his Trexo family and walking fast in it. - Spiro's Family


6x4 Greeting Card made by Spiro 

$20 for 5 cards 

$36 for 12 cards

$55 for 24 cards

Spiro's Christmas Tree