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This is the artist Mighty Mateo. He is 4 years old and loves books, music, dancing, climbing, and anything with wheels. Mateo also loves to make art. Mateo was born 2 months early weighing only 1 lb 2 oz. "Chiquito pero picosso,"...tiny but strong is the best way to describe our Mighty Man. For the first 3 years of his life, he needed a trach and ventilator to breathe. He no longer needs them and is working his way to get off the g-tube for feeding. He also continues to work on sensory processing and speech. Mateo brings joy to everyone who meets him and he wants to continue spreading joy this holiday season through his artwork. - Mateo's Family


6x4 Greeting Card made by Mateo

$20 for 5 cards 

$36 for 12 cards

$55 for 24 cards

Mateo's Snowman