Meet FairPlay

FairPlay is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that strives to make play accessible and affordable for all children, including kids with disabilities who may not be able to play with toys as they come off-the-shelf. 

Our team is building a library system that allows children with physical disabilities to enjoy the benefits of playing with a broad selection of adapted toys.

Though toy adaptation is simple and inexpensive, market prices of adapted toys can be 3-5x that of normal toys, placing additional financial burden on families already navigating inordinate care-related costs. Given children’s quickly changing interests and these high costs, children with disabilities tend not to have adequate access to play.

Our solution to this inequity is a lending library system. We provide a selection of adaptive toys to community centers such as schools and clinics to be used by a large number of children-- whether it's for use at the facility or for families to take home. We run workshops focused on toy adaptation and accessibility, create adapted toy libraries in community spaces, and provide educational resources for the communities we serve.

Learn How to Adapt

FairPlay consults on the toy modification process so that educators, clinicians, and families are empowered to adapt toys for their patients and children on their own. 

It's important for us to not only provide adapted toys at an affordable cost, but to also help others learn about the modification process. 

The FairPlay Vision

The FairPlay network consists of health professionals, engineers, educators, and parents.


What we all have in common:

a vision of a world where all children have equal access to play, regardless of their abilities.